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Professional Development Statement

Evolve provides continuing education programming to prepare social workers to fulfill their duties and increase professional competency as licensed healthcare professionals our trainings seek to (1) socialize social workers to the values of the profession (2) build upon the social worker’s foundational orientation to methods of social work practice (3) expand the social worker’s practice knowledge (4) refine the social worker’s skill set through disciplined application of ethical decision making, interventive skill and encouraging continuous self-awareness and reflection. 

Program Integrity

Evolve is a Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners and Maryland Board of Professional Counselors authorized continuing education sponsor and accepts full responsibility for its programming. All licensed healthcare providers who want to receive continuing education credit for participation in courses must adhere to their board’s continuing education regulations. Partial credit is not awarded for partial participation in any program. Attendees agree to have full and interactive participation to receive full continuing education credit. This includes attendees turning on their device camera/webcam during each live interactive training or live interactive workshop sessions.